Our suppliers

Below you can find all our best italian farms selected for you.

I Sapori della Famiglia Ciarlo

Three sisters who carry on the family business with great love and passion for what they produce.

Fattoria Casanova

A family with a great love for sweets that produces gluttony every day, come and discover them and let yourself be tempted!

Maestà della Formica

Maestà della Formica produces small delicacies with the products that the mountain offers.

Salumificio San Lorenzo

Genuine sausages but above all tasty, they are perfect to make your table more delicious! try it…

Parmigiano Reggiano

Tasty and healthy cheese, a symbol of Made in Italy with a long history, try it!

Grana Padano

One of the most famous cheeses in the world, unique in its taste, come to discover more!

Podere Tognoni

An authentic and natural company that wants to bring back ancient flavors with innovation!

I Formaggi di Maria

For generations this family has been producing high quality cheeses, with great passion and respect for animals!

Azienda Agricola La Taverna

A farm completely surrounded by greenery of Tuscany that produces the famous saffron in a completely organic way!

Castelfalfi Agricultural Estate

Castelfalfi, a beautiful village situated in the Tuscan hills that cultivates and produces high quality products. Come and discover them!

Olio Colle

Olio Colle born more than 30 years ago from Nilo’s passion for his land and for this fantastic fruit.

Badia di Morrona

A company that is strong on its territory! Moved by the passion for the raw material and their vineyards.

Villa Saletta

A small village in Tuscan hills that produce excellent wines thanks to innovative techniques.

Pieve di Santa Luce

Products at km 0 from the Tuscan hills! They start from the farm to get directly to your table!

Fratelli Lunardi

Two brothers with a great passion in common. Every day they produce delicious sweetness!

Come Una Volta

The slogan for Beatrice is ”as some time ago” and every cake reflects her motto, try it to believe it!

Pasticceria Ferretti

There it’s easy to breath the real family tuscan spirit where the raw material is the host.

L’Orto di Casaglia

It’s located in Casaglia near Croci di Calenzano among olive trees, florentine gardens and woods.

Pure Stagioni

A spoon of our jam is the equivalent to twice of any other product, double fruit and double taste!

Oleificio Rocchi

Rocchi aims to guarantee a timeless pleasure among knowledge and avant-garde.

FST Fabbrica sughi

It’s a factory specialized on sauces and stew production. FST produces for us with our own brand Via dell’Orto.


Our ingredients are: love for the nature, a respectful life style and the desire of cultivating land and soul.

La via del Cioccolato

Our dream is to make sweeter and more pleasant the italian people lives by investing in beauty but most of all in good flavor.

Il Cavallino

Our extra virgin olive oil becomes a part of Salvadori family.


The factory is located in the heart of Tuscany, near Bolgheri following the biological method of plantation.


“I make customs-made coffee blends for my clients as a tailor. This is the reason why they find them excellent”.

Pastificio Morelli

Ancient “pasta factory Morelli 1860” produces pasta in tuscany following craft techniques for five generations.

RDA s.r.l Toscana in tavola

The rediscovery of ancient recipes is a fundamental theme that we developed directly on our products.

Consorzio agrario di Siena

Consorzio Agrario represents the gastronomic excellence of Siena Province since 1901.

Poggio Regini

This family run factory produces a wide range of wines, grappas and olive oils surrounded by Chianti Classico hills.

Valle di Pinino

Passion for bees drove this company to achieve the realization of 9 different types of honey.

I Tartufi di Teo

We had the dream of transforming our passion for truffle in our work”

Il Cerreto

A biological farm extended for 370 hectares among the amazing tuscan hills.

Pastificio Martelli

This pasta factory is located in Lari among the medieval walls.

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