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Trinci torrefazione

“I make customs-made coffee blends for my clients as a tailor. This is the reason why they find them excellent”.
We introduce you Andrea Trinci with one of his most famous expressions. Andrea Trinci is a businessman with one mission: producing coffee with artisan passion starting from the selection of the best coffee beans toasted by wood cooking. The real strength of Andrea Trinci is not only his particular “sweet” roasting method, but especially his experience and passion after many years of work.

Sometimes your life can take unexpected directions and only the faith can lead you on the right path. This happened to this eclectic businessman who extended his experiences to different fields such as music, motors, wine and then back to coffee. He is son of ancient roasters and after his important role inside the family factory, become in the meanwhile a big industrial company, Andrea Trinci took a decision that changed drastically his life.

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In 2003, driven by the passion for his work, decided to build a laboratory where he could roast coffee by wood cooking. So it was that “Trinci Torrefazione Artigiana di caffè e cacao” started its life in Cascine di Buti, in Pisa province. There Andrea Trinci offers a coffee with a perfect balance of aromas and real ancient chocolate worked following the azte tradition.

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