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Pure Stagioni

Why choose Pure Stagioni?
Our jams present around 90 gr – 130 gr of fruit per 100 gr of final product.
Few but good ingredients!
Each crop has its own soul and we believe in the value of transparency.
We check the entire process of the fruit from the beginning to the harvest to ensure the sale of a first class product, even off-season. Our products contain only two ingredients: fruit and sugar.
Preserving means maintaining the same features of the products over the years and this is our undisputed guarantee.

Honor to seasonality

Pure stagioni produces and distributes the best items that the seasons offer, keeping the quality and exalting the taste.
A throwback when fruits and vegetables kept their freshness over the years even though the simple method of working. Traditional jams remind us our favorite flavor even off-season.
Even the jar has to be excellent, because an high quality product is not enough if not well preserved. We use exclusive, iconic and collectible jars that help us to preserve the original freshness and flavor.

Pure Stagioni - Confetture e Creme | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - alcune confetture

Pure Stagioni has at heart the needs of everyone, for this reason we developed a sugar free line: Armonia.Armonia is a complete range of products that moves with the times. We obtain the classical sweetness and texture of the jam from a mix of natural extracts. The best peculiarity of this extract is that it does not provide calories and glycemic load.

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