Cooperativa produttori agricoli Pieve di Santa Luce

The “Cooperativa Produttori Agricoli Pieve Santa Luce” was built in 1953 by “Ente Maremma” within its institutional tasks.
The soils, mainly hilly, are of a clayey nature and it allows restricted cultivation choices limited to the repetition of cereals alternated with fodder legumes.

The central area is represented by the municipality of Santa Luce (Pisa) which, in addition to the capital, is formed by three hamlets of very ancient origin.
In general, the appearance of the territory is the classic one of Tuscany consisting of a succession of hills with ancient olive groves, rows of vineyards, cereal crops and colorful forage crops.

In this hilly environment the “Cooperativa Produttori Agricoli Pieve Santa Luce” operates, with other main agricultural factories of the district which combine the knowledge and experience of the past with the technology of the future.

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