Antico pastificio Morelli

Ancient “pasta factory Morelli 1860” produces pasta in tuscany following craft techniques for five generations.
Today the “pasta factory Morelli 1860” is managed by the father Dino and his two sons Antonio and Marco and his daughter Lucia Morelli.
The production of classical and particular types of pastas is developed following a special selection of italian or tuscan flours and other raw materials assembled with the same ancient methods: slow dough, bronze drawn, hand-made pasta on framework and desiccation at low temperature (maximum 50° for 36 hours) in a suitable and respectful working environment. The building is not so big but it respects all the regulations and uses the best certified IFS high level technologies.


We are the only one who use the wheat germ in the pasta and this is the feature that makes us unique both at artisanal and industrial level. During the cooking, water turns slightly green and an intense scent of wheat is released. You can eat our pasta even only adding a little oil and it will be the same delicious.

Pastificio Morelli | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - Foto pasta 2


With our craftsmanship, flexibility and experience we developed the distribution of our products directly to particular market niches joining the quality of the product with the needs of shops and restaurants, reason why today we represent an important reference for this sector.


The ancient pasta factory Morelli offers a wide range of products: wheat germ pasta, Typical regional items, wheat germ and egg pasta, wholemeal pasta from tuscany and wholemeal pasta from Senatore Cappelli, legumes pasta, gluten free pasta, ancient grains, spelt and kamut, disposable aromatized.

Pastificio Morelli | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - Foto imballaggio pasta
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