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Pastificio Martelli (Martelli pasta factory)

It is in contrast with the new large industries, because it continues to be a small pasta factory. The staff is composed by 8 people from Martelli family. It is a traditional factory because behind each process there is the wisdom of a great Mastro Pastaio (master pasta maker).

1926 – Born among the pisan hills

At the end of eighteenth Century, in the ancient street San Martino, there was a small pasta factory owned by the spouses Catelanì. Guido and Gastone Martelli, fatherless boys, started to work there. After long years of sacrifices and without heirs, Catelanis decided to leave the business to their most loyal workers. In 1926 the two brothers became the owners of the pasta factory. Thanks to the help of their unstoppable wives Beppina and Dina, they managed to run the business despite the hard years of the second world war, characterized by poverty and ration cards. Thankfully tenacy was not lacking.

Pastificio Martelli | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - foto spaghettini martelli

The taste of success

Thanks to our great friend Giorgio Onesti’ suggestions, the pastry shop exceeded the regional boundaries and became famous all over Italy. They created the popular yellow paper: rustic like the ancient straw paper and yellow like the wheat ripened in the sun of Tuscany. The admires increase year after year, rewarding the sacrifices of Martellis.

2016 – 90 years old and not feeling them

Today the three Martelli generations celebrate the 90 years of business. Confident in the future, they are honored to give prestige to their name. In this occasion they decided to rename the shop with the Via dei Pastifici name (Pastry shops street).

Pastificio Martelli | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - diversi tipi di pasta martelli

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