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Olio Colle

The company is located at the Monte Serra appendices surrounded by greenery and olive trees in the Compitese, renowned campaign for its “olio bono”.
Nilo Andreini is born and raised in Colle di Compito, in the the land of Lucca, where his passion for this job ha grown and he decided to start this adventure.
For more than 30 Nilo Andreini works with dedication and coming from market patterns he managed to build his small company and to win his battle overcoming all the difficulties that life holds for us.

Andrea’s work at 360 degrees is to select the best oils cold extracts of the territory, make him the analysis of acidity and peroxides, bottle it and wrap it in elegant sheets of bond paper that protect the oil from light. It is then packed in sturdy boxes and ready for shipment. 

Olio Colle - Olio Extra Vergine | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - cartello

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Olio Colle” cold extraction expresses aromatic notes typical of the fresh oils from the press with slight fruity aromas, while maintaining a soft voice and gentle, appreciated by most palates. The color is yellow-green with golden hues. Its neutrality and its contained acidity make it very digestible.

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