Oleificio Rocchi (Rocchi Oil Mil)

Five generations and over 110 years of business united by a common denominator: excellence.

The story of passion and commitment started in 1901 in Lucca, where the olive oil culture is deep-rooted in ages and its secrets handed down from generation to generation. There Cesare Taddeucci and after his son in law Mario Rocchi began to select their own products, laying the groundwork for a success that will lead the family brand all over the world. Today the oil mil reached its fifth generation with Leonardo Rocchi.

Rocchi’s philosophy wants to link the value of tradition with innovation, preserving the obtained quality over the constant improvement of production systems.
A special meeting between knowledge and avant-garde, past and future ensures the same timeless Rocchi flavor.

Oleificio Rocchi | Via dell'Orto - Selected Producers - Olio Rocchi

La qualità Rocchi nasce prima ancora che il prodotto raggiunga l’Azienda.
The commitment of the special Selectors, who find the best olive oil mill, and the attention of the Taste Tester, who analyze the value of oils, prove the great quality of Rocchi.

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