Meracinque – rice

Meracinque is the story of a crop, a family, and its land. 5 sisters who, after many years apart, come together with the same wish: give life to the best Carnaroli rice ever made. A unique rice, which would both revolutionise production methods and would be a resource for the whole area. That’s where Meracinque arises from It grows into a generous soil and turns into a wholly flavoursome strong grain. The only Micro-Natural®Carnaroli rice, the first to be cultivated with smart agriculture principles. A rice from our lands which benefit from biotechnologies developed in Japan: a food of the world. It renews the traditional rice crop propelling it into a future sustainable agriculture. Meracinque is food of wonders.

Carnaroli rice is considered the “King of Rices” for its perfect balance of inner and surface starch which guarantee a perfect “al dente bite”. If the grain is intact, the starch will be released gradually during cooking, making it the most suitable rice for risotto and the chef’s favorite.
Meracinque cultivates only 100% Classic Carnaroli in Roncoferraro, Mantua: a strip of land between Veneto and Lombardy with a clay-loamy soil ideal for this cereal. Unique in Italy for its geo-physical characteristics. The result is a fullbodied and fragrant grain, recognized by many star chefs.

Smart Farming 4.0 is the combination of precision farming and the principles of the Internet of Farming, based on the harmonious use of multiple technologies. The benefits are many, including:
Greater efficiency of production processes and high environmental sustainability thanks to the targeted (and lower) use of chemicals. The cross analysis of environmental, climatic and cultural factors allows to establish the correct irrigation and nutritional needs of the plants. Thanks to the data collected is possible to prevent diseases, identify weeds and feed the plants at the ideal time. ◊ We identify the best moment for the harvest. We guarantee traceability of the entire supply chain from seed to packaging. In Italy only 1% of farmers rely on these innovative techniques with one main objective: a sustainable production.

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