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Maestà della Formica

In 2013 Maestà della Formica was born in Careggine, in the territory of the Apuan Alps. This area is characterized by strong temperature changes, abundant snow in the winter months, a spring with mild sunny days and an excellent nature of the soil, an area that adapts to crops. The mountains are a strong feature in the area and were the ideal place to bet with high quality agriculture. Following a cultivation philosophy dictated by the territory, we have chosen lands that have long been uncultivated or kept as pastures, which retain their original nature, directly using the spring water to irrigate the orchards. The key word is quality, obtained through respect for nature and the desire to be solely helped in carrying out its course in the best possible way.

In addition to the lands in Careggine, the company has about one hectare of land in the municipality of Gallicano, where there are fruit, olive, vine and vegetable crops. One of the main activities is the collection of many fruits, herbs, wild buds … many on special requests from chefs who have to prepare dishes with mountain ingredients. Among these, for example: wild blueberry black / red, wild blackberries, raspberries, marasca, canine rose, blackthorn, hawthorn, various herbs, birch bark, pine buds, fir buds, mushrooms, hay, juniper.

Maestà della Formica | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - pianta

From the end of 2018 a new laboratory was born in the town of Careggine, where jams, syrups, jellies, mustards, candied fruit, fermented, sweet and sour, in oil, spreadable creams are produced … starting from everything that is beautiful and true in the territory of Careggine and the Parco delle Alpi Apuane can offer. With the available equipment they also propose themselves as an open laboratory in developing products and projects in collaboration with chefs, pastry chefs or anyone else who needs their help in the research and realization of one of its products. Moreover thanks to the vacuum, where the water evaporates already at the temperature of 65 ° C, they are able to cook a jam for a few minutes at low temperature, in order to preserve the flavor, color and nutrients of the raw fruit. In 2017, thanks to the this product line has won the We-green category Oscargreen Coldiretti for Tuscany. In 2019, they won the first special prize, Tuscany food awards, in the organic conserve category.

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