Azienda agricola Il Cerreto

Our story

In 1998 Carlo and Paola decided to strip their own lives. They left the big city of Milan with their three children and a luggage full of dreams. They chose a small village bought some years before by Carlo.

A dreamlike place where you can find the true essence of yourself and your life. This is the story of Cerreto with its 370 hectares surrounded by tuscan hills.

Il Cerreto - Azienda Agricola | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - vista agritusimo

The restructuring follows all the bio-building principles creating a healthy and natural environment. Cerreto has 8 apartments and 6 bedrooms that welcome the guest who would like to breath the peace and armory of the nature. Carlo dedicated himself to the cultivation of this rich soil.

From that moment the first sowing and the first crops started and after 18 months they obtained the certification of biological farm. During the years the work increased and other two children were born in this prosperous land.

Nowadays Il Cerreto is an amazing farmhouse and a big biological factory able to self-produce its products thanks to the use of renewables (60% of energy necessary to its needs).

Carlo e Paola still continue to dream and work, listening to the beloved voice of nature.

Il Cerreto - Azienda Agricola | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - trattore in azione
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