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Azienda biologica San Luigi: i tartufi di Teo

First certified biological factory

San Luigi factory was created in 2009 after the renovation of an old farmhouse. After it was converted in biological farm in 2014. Our dream was to realize the short supply chain for truffle: from the producer to the consumer.

San Luigi was the first factory in Italy that received the biological certification of truffle in 2014. In 2015 we launched our first biological truffle line, produced in our small craft workshop. Our products are the result of a combination between truffles and local saw materials. We don’t use synthetic aromas and the production follows the seasonality of truffle. You can find a small shop inside our factory where it’s possible to buy fresh truffle and other products.

A real and unique experience

Our guests will experience the emotion of “extracting” the truffle together with Matteo and his dogs. This experience consists in going by foot from the factory to the natural truffle areas far around 700 meters. Once on the spot, the research of this precious tuber starts. Our guests can take part actively to the research of the truffle with small spades and taking pictures of this moment. After returning to the company it will be possible to taste the truffles and other biological products in our “Taverna del Tartufaio” (Tavern of the truffle).

I Tartufi di Teo | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - cerca del tartufo
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