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Fabbrica Toscana Sughi (Tuscan sauce factory)

It is a factory specialized on sauces and stew production. FST produces for us with our own brand Via dell’Orto.

FST “Fabbrica sughi toscani” produces (in its own building in BOLLO CE) high quality sauces – Ragù – Patè – stew – meat seasonings, game, fish and vegetables. FST uses domestic raw materials and its pride is a 100% made in italy product both for ingredients and their own recipes.

In the new factory we choose to optimize the production spaces to obtain a high quality standard so that we can face strategically the domestic and foreign markets. This allows us to offer a good value for money and a wider range of products such as seasonings, “VeganiOK”, “Biologici” (biological). “Cucina Toscana”, our top of the line, takes part to the retail channel and it includes certified sauces, patè, vegan and biological products and seasonings. We offer the opportunity of Private Label production, personalizing recipes and packaging.

Three are the preparation and cooking methods for sauces, patè, stew, jellies and jams. The new automatic labeling system permits us to cover the needs of already cooked products. The demand of already cooked sauces and seasonings is increasing especially thanks to the high flavor and taste of these products.

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