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Fratelli Lunardi

Massimiliano and Riccardo have relaunched the family business, began in the bakery of their parents Luigi and Roberta in 1966, creating a new brand, a new image that brings their faces: FRATELLI LUNARDI has been created like this.
Following the passion for mother yeast and natural leavening, the first-born Massimiliano has dedicated his life to traditional sweets and pastries, but his curiosity has also pushed him beyond Tuscan and italian borders.
Riccardo is particularly fascinated by chocolate, which has always been used in pastry shop as a basic ingredient for many creations.

Linked by the family bond and by the strong passion for food in general, the two brothers work together, combining their respective skills and attitudes and sharing daily challenges, expectations, joys and some pain.
Honesty and respect towards partners, suppliers and customers are at the basis of their work.

Fratelli Lunardi - Pasticceria | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - i prodotti della pasticceria

Study, research and selection are constant in the work of Riccardo and Massimiliano, starting from the assumption that when an ingredient is excellent it must be respected in a balanced recipe that highlights its characteristics to the maximum.
Using high quality products respecting their seasonality and finding the best way to preserve them naturally means that preservatives, dyes or other chemical additives are not used, which flatten the flavors of a nature that is always wonderfully different.
This is the best guarantee of a product handcrafted made.

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