Consorzio agrario di Siena

Consorzio Agrario of Siena is a cooperative composed by farmers of Siena and Arezzo Province. Its function is to support the agriculture and enhance the agricultural products since its foundation in 1901. It carries out this task by selling local food products through its shop network.

“Cor magis tibi sena pandit”. This is an expression written on a historic Door of ancient Siena walls that means “it opens its heart before its doors”. Consorzio Agrario wants to be this entrance “door” for the most excellent producers of Siena and its old brand ensures local origin, genuineness and traditional nature of its products which make Siena and Tuscany famous all over the world.

Consorzio is the promoter of “Pasta dei Coltivatori Toscani” project. It is a special durum wheat pasta produced according to the traceability system, starting from the cultivation of wheat until industrial processes made around Siena and Arezzo areas.

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