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Come Una Volta

Where the name “Come una volta” comes from? One day Beatrice, when she was with her friends, began to think about the logo and brand of her own company. She liked the idea of inserting her surname (Volta) (“Time”) because it has a beautiful meaning in a certain context. At the beginning she thought at “La Volta buona” (“The right Time”) or “C’era una Volta” (“Once upon a Time”), but these names did not represent her completely. One day, while she was kneading by hand the shortcrust pastry, she thought about how it was made in the past and, here appeared the name! “Come una Volta” (“As some Time ago”) is the name that represents her completely.

Her professional carrier began in 2002 in a cafe in Bologna where she prepared breakfast, lunches, tasting, themed and graduation parties and much more.
In 2011 she moved to Tuscany where she worked as cook in a pastry shop and then in a restaurant. There her passion for pastry grew more and more leading her to attend numerous courses to fill her gaps, from large leavened to chocolate, from baked cakes to semifreddi and cake design. Cake has the important task of concluding a dinner, a wedding or a party, for this reason it has to excite and amaze and this is what she tries to do.

Come una volta - Pasticceria | Via dell'Orto - Produttori selezionati - preparazione pasta frolla

Beatrice took part in an event in Tuscany where there was a category of traditional desserts and she prepared an almond tart with mousse and vin santo calling it “cantucci and vin santo in a modern guise”. Very important judges were present and their opinion was very important for her. She won that category with great joy and with great approval from the judges who gave her so many compliments.
After a few months she began to produce panettone with natural yeast which is her true passion.
From here Beatrice decided to open her home laboratory where, in addition to the highly appreciated leavened panettoni, she began to make cakes. This led Beatrice to open in June her laboratory “COME UNA VOLTA” (As some Time ago).

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