In 1953 Giuseppe and Gino, men of agriculture, decided to become “shop boys” and open the first of the Bonci company, first bakery, then pastry shop. In almost seventy years we have carried on confectionery traditions and productive innovation in Italy and abroad.

The panbriacone is the undisputed king of their production. In addition to leavened products, as well as classic panettone, tronchetti, and colombe, in the catalog you will find traditional sweets, cantucci, signature cakes, and a part dedicated to gastronomy with giardiniere and mustards.

Remaining faithful to the confectionery tradition, today the company has developed new products and new techniques, dedicating itself to chocolate with the master Michele Mezzasoma. They have optimised their digital and social channels to unveil the knowledge of the Bonci lab bringing understanding to the process of their creations to the customers.

Most Recent Projects