Biscottificio Lazzeri

We feel lucky because we produce good food in a sweet working environment and because we work with the entire family surrounded by our beloved mountains of Versilia.

We have to thank our grandpa Luigi, who founded in Pontestazzemese a small bakery with his brother in the immediate post-war period. Luigi e Giuseppe Lazzeri dedicated their lives to bread following the best tuscan traditions. They respected with pride the good craft practices such as: selection of raw materials, slow processing times, small daily quantity produced and friendly relationship with their customers.

The bakery that at the beginning produced only bread, now has its biscuit and cake line: “i Dolci del Martinetto” (Martinetto’s cakes). Everyday we follow our traditions with pride and we bring to our customers memory ancient flavors of Alta Versilia thanks to our unique hand made biscuits.

Cantucci, cookies, canestrelli, novellini, focaccia bread, sweet bread, tart and “mantovane” are all different sweetnesses. All these sweetnesses have their own special recipe. They are made with simple, natural and italian flours, without additives and with low content of gluten. We select all the ingredients among italian farms such as: free-range fresh eggs, butter, high quality dark chocolate, nuts from Piemonte, dried figs from Calabria and Sardegna, season fruit, water and fresh air from Alpi Apuane.

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