Badia di Morrona

The Gaslini Alberti family represents one of the real great families of Italian wine.
Since the end of the 70s in Tuscany and all over Italy started the wine quality grow, but Gaslini Alberti family have demonstrated far-sightedness and understanding of Badia di Morrona land’s potential well in advance, in 1939.
It is composed by 600 hectares of land of which 110 are vineyards, 40 are olive groves and the rest are arable forest.
These are the numbers of a complex company, but that the family Gaslini Alberti manages with passion and professionalism as true wine entrepreneurs.
One of the greatest wealth of the company is the quality of the vineyards, the fruit of the new generations of plants, those made with clones, the impact density and breeding system identified on the basis of the type of land and wines to be produced.
The quality of the grapes produced is always the best obtainable based on the seasonal trend and the quantity of vineyards available allows an excellent selection job.

A management of vineyards that tends as much as possible to eco-sustainability.

The choices of gastronomic management of the vineyards tend to the maximum respect for the delicate balance that nature has built in this land over time. Fundamental is the principle of integrated “pest management”, which provides the minimum necessary of treatments with copper and sulfur and at most two systemic treatment.
Sangiovese is the main grape of all Tuscany and therefore also of this portion of the region where the production of wine has been known since the time of the Etruscans. For this reason more than half of the 110 hectares of vine are planted with this grape variety that is one of the most difficult to cultivate, but from which we obtain some of the most interesting and original wines in the world. In Tuscany, vines such as Cabernet, Syrah and Merlot find an excellent location giving rise to wines with great personality.

Badia di Morrona represents a very important area for Pisa province both for economic and productive reasons. It is a responsibility that Gaslini Alberti have in mind, for this reason they choose the family crest as brand of the factory.They aim to guarantee the high quality of the product to the consumer whether it is wine, oil, reception in the cellar or relax in the farmhouses.

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