Azienda agricola Valle di Pinino

Passion for bees drove this company to achieve the realization of 9 different types of honey.
Ferri Maurizio, manager of the company, has 400 hives and he produces around 200 quintals of honey in 9 different ways (wildflower, acacia, sulla, tilia, chestnut, honeydew, sunflowers, heather, coriander), multiflora tuscan pollen and royal jelly.

In the heart of Tuscany

Our ten-year passion offers you the best quality products in a well bounded area.

Not only honey…

This factory produces also a delicate and scented extra virgin olive oil. It obtains the olives from the olive trees in Buti, first town of “strada dell’olio del Monte Pisano” (“The Monte Pisano street of oil”). We dedicate our time also to the “Tosca” potato from Santa Maria a Monte. This Monalisa yellow potato is suitable for many uses in kitchen, and it receives all these qualities from the rural hilly terrain.

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