Organic Saffron Threads 0.10gr


Saffron is a powerful antioxidant, it contains a strong concentration of beta-carotene which gives yellow color to dishes. In traditional and herbal medicine it is also used as a painkiller, but we leave the medical advice to the experts. The advice is to use it in dishes from appetizers to desserts with simple recipes that know how to enhance their taste.


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La Taverna farm cultivates saffron which is a very precious spice obtained from the flower of the Crocus Sativus. The flower is violet, appears around mid-October, when there are less than 11 hours of light and the new moon begins. The flower grows before the leaves, inside are the three red threads that are extracted by hand and left to dry in a controlled environment. When the spice is dry, it is packaged. The cost of the spice is justified by the fact that all phases of the production process must be performed by hand; from the sowing of the bulbs to the harvesting of the flower to the extraction of the stigmas, up to the packaging which is carried out with precision balances. It is grown organically according to the EC regulation 834/2007 and stored in threads to guarantee the purity of the product and keep unchanged the characteristics of aroma and taste.


Weight: 0.10gr


Saffron threads.

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