”Organic” Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Directly from organic extra virgin olive oil from absolutely natural slightly intense aroma with ripe fruit notes. The biological Olio Colle is an extra virgin complex and harmonious excellent with medium-structured dishes such as crustaceans, molluscs, carpaccio of meat and fish, cooked and raw vegetables on a low trend, soups to farming, sweet flatbread accompanied, cruditè sea and all recipes of the Mediterranean diet.


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Olio Colle born at the end of 70’s,the company is located at the Monte Serra appendices surrounded by greenery and olive trees in the Compitese, renowned campaign for its “olio bono”. Nilo is the owner and he is born and raised in Colle di Compito, in the the land of Lucca, where his passion for oil has grown.
In addition to the excellent quality of the olive oil, he decided to focus his work on the packaging of the bottle with elegant sheets of bond paper that make the bottle a work of art.


Weight: 1l


100% Extra virgin olive oil.

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Weight 1.800 kg