Olives Tomato Sauce


Weight: 290g
Ingredients: tomato, olives, extra virgin olive oil, caper in vinegar, salt, parsley, garlic, chilli pepper, pepper
Taste: savory
Pairing: fusilli

Typical Mediterranean sauce, simply prepared with Italian tomatoes, from organic agricolture. The combination between caper and olives make it unique, with a tasty flavour.

In one word: healthy
Perfect for: lonely lunch

In compliance with the provisions of art. 28 of Reg. (CE) 834/2007 of 07/27/2007, viadellorto.it is awaiting organic certification. Subjection to the CCPB (OdiC authorized by MiPPAF) is underway.



From 1997 the Tuscany farm make product with local traditional recipes. From the past 10 years Toscana in Tavola has also invented recipes in which they use biologic products.
The artisanal characteristics of this factory are represented by the tomato sauces, in fact all sauces contain the best italian tomato, vegetables and exclusively biological extra virgin olive oil. These sauces are produced following the famous method of our grandmothers.


Weight: 290gr

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