Natural Beans


Weight: 500g
Ingredients: cannellini beans, salt, garlic, sage
Conservation: after opening store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days
Taste: soft
Pairing: ideal with sausages or boiled octopus. We suggest adding fresh extra virgin olive oil, a bit of fresh onion and a pinch of pepper
Consumption: beans are cooked and ready to eat

Natural biological beans are traditionally prepared. They are soaked the day before and the following day they are boiled with abundant sage.

In one word: energetic
Perfect for: fast lunch

In compliance with the provisions of art. 28 of Reg. (CE) 834/2007 of 07/27/2007, is awaiting organic certification. Subjection to the CCPB (OdiC authorized by MiPPAF) is underway.



From 1997 the Tuscany farm make product with local traditional recipes. From the past 10 years Toscana in Tavola has also invented recipes in which they use biologic products. The bond between the farm and soup recipes is stronger in their version of traditional Tuscan recipes.


Weight: 500gr

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