The farm cultivates a brown lentil that after being peeled becomes the famous red lentil.

In compliance with the provisions of art. 28 of Reg. (CE) 834/2007 of 07/27/2007, viadellorto.it is awaiting organic certification. Subjection to the CCPB (OdiC authorized by MiPPAF) is underway.


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Il Cerreto is a biologic farm situated near Volterra; they produce cereals, vegetables and legumes, everything produced by following a biodynamic cultivation. The lentils are made in Valle del Cecina, with a biologic method. The packaging guarantees a long-lasting freshness of the product and conserves its taste and its nutritive values intact. The factory produces a fine ecotype with a small seed of variegated color and a brown lentil which gives rise to the much appreciated red lentil. The land used for their cultivation gives the product a very high quality value due to its flavor and ease of cooking.


Weight: 500g


Green lentils

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