Game ragù


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Game ragù made with game meats, fresh vegetables, spices and tomato pulp. It is a product that follows the ancient peasant traditions where a game mix was made for this exquisite recipe. It is used both as condiment for pasta dishes and for croutons.


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Healthy and tasty products, prepared with traditional and genuine recipes, love for good food and exceptional raw materials. Love for good food is often the key that makes the difference between a good product and an amazing one. For a product to be amazing, each ragù, sauce and pate needs to be strictly controlled and nursed.


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Tomato, game (duck, roe deer, wild boar, hares), pork, onion, extra virgin oil, wine, carrot, garlic, salt, sunflower oil, olive, lemon juice, pepper, dark chocolate, sage, rosemary, pink pepper, chili pepper, thyme, juniper, spices.

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