Extra virgin olive oil


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“Il Cavallino” farm has a limited production exclusively depending on the annual yield of their plants scattered around the Montescudaio, Bibbona and Cecina countryside. The olive oil comes from these types of olives: Razza (oil mill), Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino. The result is an olive oil with a sweet and fruity flavor.


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Cavallino is a farm situated in the tuscan coast south of Livorno. This area has secular traditions in olive growing. It is a family run factory characterized by the great passion for olive oil and land that makes excellent and genuine the product. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly by the fruit. The squeezing takes place with a mechanical process that must not alter the temperature of dough during the pressing (cold pressing). The working process is structured following these steps: harvest, washing, crushing, decanting, centrifugation and filtration process.


Weight: 0.75l
Flavor: the taste is elegant enveloping with marked balsamic tones of officinal herbs with mint and rosemary in evidence to which are added broken notes of black pepper that close in sweet almond.


Olive: 45% frantoio, 40 % leccio del corno 5% lazzero 10% maurino

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Weight 1.600 kg