Aged Pecorino


Pecorino rigorously worked raw, with a maturation that goes beyond 12 months. Sublime and decided on the palate, to match with chestnut honey or similar, each flake will be a surprise.


Long description

Maria’s cheeses is a family-run business, Maria moved with her three daughters and her husband from Sicily to Tuscany to undertake this new adventure. The company is located in the Tuscan hills near the beautiful city of Volterra. For generations the family deals with the breeding of production animals, but here in Tuscany, they have found their stability, in which they can best express all their knowledge and their tradition in the dairy field. The welfare of the animals is extremely important; who are given the opportunity to access the pastures throughout the day and for almost the entire year. This is not only a choice dictated by morality, but by the common sense of conducting work seriously, as the animals manage to fully exert their character by being able to produce a quality raw material in order to guarantee the subsequent processing in the dairy .The diet of the animals consists mainly of fodder (polifita hay, alfalfa) self-produced on the farm and coming from neighboring farms, with the addition of a small proportion of organic concentrates, also produced from nearby companies.


Weight: 300gr

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Raw worked sheep’s milk.

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Weight 1.200 kg