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Paccheri with Parmigiano Reggiano Saffron and sausage


Paccheri 320 g
Sausage 250 g
Fresh liquid cream 250 g
Saffron 0.3 g
Parmigiano Reggiano  60 g
Black pepper



To prepare this fantastic first course, boil a pot with water and salt to a boil; start cutting the sausage into small pieces of a couple of centimeters, so as to be sure that the cooking is homogeneous.
Heat a non-stick pan over the heat and then pour the morsels, brown them well, until they are completely golden.
When the sausage is golden, pour the cream, season with salt and pepper and continue cooking for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, boil the paccheri and while the pasta is cooking, take a little cooking water and pour it into a container where you will have put the saffron pistils.
Dissolve quickly with a fork and then pour them into a pan so as to mix everything well. At this point the pasta will be al dente, drain it directly in a pan (keep some water from the pasta aside) and mix well so as to incorporate the flavors.
Turn off the heat and add the grated Parmesan, while stirring make sure that the cheese melts well. If the base becomes too dry, just add a little more cooking water from the pasta to dilute it. Give one last jump, salt and pepper to taste always with the flame off, and then your pasta alla monzese is ready to be served!

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