Millefeuille of red mullet with tomato fillets and artichokes in oil

Ingredients for 2:

4 mullet fillets
8 rectangles of filo pastry
8 artichokes in oil ”a modo mio”
200 g of tomato sauce
1 clove of garlic Little butter
5 spoons of EVO oil
2 tablespoons of 00 flour salt


In a pan pour 3 tablespoons of Evo oil and heat them. Flour the mullet fillets and put them in the oil, making them brown on both sides. Then take them off and put them on a paper towel. In another pan put the remaining oil and when it is hot add the tomato sauce, salt and also add the red mullet fillets. Make them flavor well, turning them a few times. Just a few minutes of cooking will suffice. In the meantime, spread the phyllo dough rectangles on top of parchment paper and grease them with a little melted butter on the surface. Put them in the oven with the grill on until they have taken color. Cut the artichokes in oil into thin slices. Compose the dish: if you wish to put salad on the bottom of the dish, lay a rectangle of phyllo on top, then a fillet of red mullet, another rectangle of phyllo and the artichokes.

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