FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

In this section you will find the answers to your questions regarding our website. If you need further support, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: support@viadellorto.it or write to our live-chat.


Is there a minimum order on the online store?
No, there isn’t. You can place orders of any amounts.

I cannot register/conclude the purchase. How can I do?
If it is difficult to browse the Via dell’Orto web site or to complete a purchase, we recommend updating your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc…)to the latest available version. For any problem contact us at the live chat service or to support@viadellorto.it


Why can’t I return the food?
Because we want to protect our customers and for hygienic reasons you can exercise the right of withdrawal only for products that can be put back on the market without danger to the health of consumers. Therefore it is not possible to return food products for which it is not possible to guarantee adequate conservation.

Which products can I return?
The right of withdrawal can be applied only to non-perishable products, e.i. to products that can be put on the market without endangering the health of consumers. According to the right of withdrawal it is not possible to return:
-products that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly (food, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages);
-sealed products that cannot be returned for hygienic reasons;
-products that have been opened after the delivery;
-tailored or clearly customized products;
-orders for which the invoice has been issued.

How much does it cost to make a return?
The costs for the shipment of the return are charged to the customer and depend on the courier that is used. The return of non-perishable products is to be considered valid no later than 14 woking days. For most products, the return for products available on Via dell’Orto must be made within 24 hours after delivery (under penalty of cancellation of the return).

If I am not satisfied can I return a product?
Contact us: support@viadellorto.it and we will check your case.


What payment methods can I use on the Via dell’Orto online store?
On the Via dell’Orto online store you can use:

-Credit card
-Wire transfer

Which credit cards are accepted?
On the Via dell’Orto online store you can buy with: Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay, Matsercard, American Express.

Is it safe to pay by credit card on the Via dell’Orto online store?
Using a credit card on Via dell’Orto online store is easy and immediate. The transaction will be carried out on the paypal server and all the information that you provide will be encrypted using the SSL protocol to protect your transactions.
Payments are made in total safety. The payment gateway we rely on is paypal which handles both credit card and paypal payments. Payment data is transmitted over a secure encrypted connection with SecureSocketLayer (SSL) protocol directly to the payment platform. For this reason in no time of the purchase procedure we are able to know and therefore to keep the buyer’s credit card number signed directly to paypal.

How does payment by bank transfer work?
If you choose to make purchases on Via dell’Orto by paying by wire transfer, remember to make the payment within 1 day from the order date. After this period, in absence of a transfer your order will be canceled.
Below you can find the bank details for wire transfer:

IBAN: IT18F0637070921000010000612

Reason for the transfer: date and number of the order indicated in the confirmation email. We remind you that your order will be handled following receipt of the sum on our current account (generally from 1 to 3 working days after making the transfer).


How much does it cost to ship in Italy?

The shipping costs varies following the weight of the order, please see the tables below.

0-5 kg 5-10 kg 10-30 kg 30-50 kg Oltre 50 kg
€ 8,50 € 12 € 14 € 17,50 € 22

Can I ship my purchases abroad? How much is it?

The shipping costs varies following the weight of the order, please see the tables below.

0-10 kg 10-20 kg 20-31,5 kg
Germania € 12 € 15 € 18
Belgio/Lussemburgo € 12 € 18 € 22
Francia € 14 € 17 € 19
Olanda € 13 € 17 € 22
Spagna € 14 € 16 € 18
Portogallo € 22 € 25 € 26
Gran Bretagna € 16 € 18 € 21
Danimarca € 15 € 17 € 20
Finlandia € 21 € 24 € 25
0-10 kg 10-31,5 kg
Svezia € 17 € 22
Tariffa unica
Bulgaria, Croazia, Estonia, Irlanda, Lettonia, Lituania, Polonia, Romania, Slovenia, Ungheria € 20
Austria, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Baleari € 16
Grecia € 25

When will I receive my purchase?
Once confirmed, your order is prepared and entrusted to the courier by the following day. From that date, the courier takes 3 working days for delivery in Italy and up to 5 working days for the delivery in Europe. During Christmas period, the Italian delivery time can be extended up to 3-5 working days. Orders placed over the weekend or on holidays are prepared during the next working day. For some European countries, the delivery time may be extended due to the completion of customs procedures.

Once the courier has taken over your parcel, you will receive an email with the tracking number of the shipment. As soon as we entrust the goods to the courier we will send you an email with the confirmation of the shipment.


I received a discount code, how can I use it for my online purchases?
Please, enter it in the “enter the voucher” space that you find the cart page to use the discount coupon. After click on “apply coupon” and update the cart.

To receive the discount code is request an email, which will be used to send commercial information about offers and product updates. In the emails, in the final part, you will find the button to unsubscribe and no longer receive any type of news from the site.