About us

We have fun searching and selecting high quality products that we provide to our customers. The research starts from the heart of Tuscany, a very esteemed territory all over the world for its wide range of products and ends up with the best excellences of the entire italian soil.
Italy provides high quality food, but its peculiarity is the difference among its excellences. The research is not only the result of knowledge acquired over years, but also the result of constant curiosity thanks to our olfactory journeys through a territory that holds many surprises.

Our project

Via dell’Orto shop was founded in 2009. This shop stemed from the need to find special food products capable of stimulating rare emotions. It’s fun to discover and select high quality food for a market ever more focused on quality, a feature that Via dell’Orto puts at the top of its list.
viadellorto.it starts from here: where you can buy items from wich our selected farms produce. A wide choice among tuscan or italian fresh and processed products is at your disposal for a easy online shopping.

  • “Our goal is to create an increasingly dynamic basket of Via dell’Orto products.”

Our stories

Andrea Sardelli

Hi, my name is Andrea Sardelli, I am 57 years old even if I look 15 years younger.
I grew up in the field of food since my parents created a fruit and vegetables factory that provided food to tuscan canteens 60 years ago.
Thanks to passion and dedication they passed me, in 2009 I founded Via dell’Orto. This project is based on the short supply chain for the valorization of tuscan agricultural products supported by Tuscany Region which allowed us to be a reference point for our products and work.
Everyday I am witness of global changes and system evolution, for this reason my daughter Fiammetta, my wife Monica and I decided to open our company to other foreign markets with the aim of exporting our quality and passion to a global public.

Monica Paoli

Hi, my name is Monica Paoli, I have florentine origins but I moved to Pisa province.
In 2009 my husband and I created Via dell’Orto: an amazing project that immediately gave us great satisfactions.
I believe that details make the difference, for this reason my attention is oriented towards research in every field: from fashion to food.
My task in the company is to find the best passionate and quality farms.
It doesn’t matter if the farm is big or small, the only important thing is the final flawless products.
Usually I spend a lot of my free time searching for innovation by organizing all ideas received from magazine and local newspaper.

Fiammetta Sardelli

Hi everyone! I am Fiammetta Sardelli, the youngest of my family.
After several years into my studies, I decided to dedicate the passion of a 20-Year-Old girl to my parents’ project: Via dell’orto.
Food theme has always been a serious topic for generations in my family. I assimilated all these stimuli converting them in passion and concrete contribution.
It’s up to me to reach new achievements by digital business, trying to convey even only a little bit of my family dedication for this as ambitious as interesting project to convince everybody that passion is our strength.